Facility Inspection With An Outstanding Attention To Details
Storage Tank Maintenance And Petroleum Equipment Installation
Easy Fuel Filtration To Protect Your Fuel Storage Tanks, Your Fuel And Your Expensive Engines  

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  1. Diesel Flow Meter
    Diesel Flow Meter
  2. Routine Tank Cleaning
    Routine Tank Cleaning
  3. Tank Sludge Evacuation
    Tank Sludge Evacuation
  4. Tank Level Monitoring
    Tank Level Monitoring
Modern diesel engines use high pressure fuel injectors with tiny fuel passages which are easily clogged with dirty fuel and damaged by water. JB DAM TA is a dependable company providing professional Tank Cleaning and Fuel Filtration Services, Flow Meter and Tank Level Monitoring Solutions. 
We work with you to provide solutions for increased uptime by cleaning your most hard-to-clean tanks, promising high quality, competitive pricing, prompt delivery, with an outstanding attention to details. 

JB DAM TA solutions is customized to taking your preventive maintenance schedules to the next level. Our objective is to help you protect your fuel storage tanks, your fuel, and your expensive engines by disallowing entry of harmful contaminants.

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